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Jason Stuart

Jason likes nothing more than to point out little, nitpicky errors in other people’s writing and speech. This is probably because it makes him feel superior despite the fact that he’s never really accomplished anything significant himself. Apart from this, he’s good people, as they say. He lives with his wife, child, dog, and two cats in Albuquerque, NM, where he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in American History at the University of New Mexico. He holds an MA in the same field from San Diego State University. Lately, he’s really been getting into Krautrock for some reason. He also makes a mean cocktail, and enjoys playing vintage-rules base ball whenever possible.  (Yeah, “base ball.” Two words. Not a typo. That’s how it was written back in the day.)


George Aleman III

GA III - Pic UpdateGeorge’s Uncle Sam pose illustrates just how much he wants YOU to make sure your work is perfect. Indeed, this 100 year-old iconic posture, thanks to James Montgomery Flagg, is allegorically on par with George’s grammatically draconian nature and his never-ending campaign against the scrawling deluge, syntactic errors, and negligent prose of the day. Aside from this, however, George loves family and friends. He also has a passion for books, movies, and video games of the post-apocalyptic genre and is an avid/nerdy consumer of collectibles. He attended San Diego State University and earned a BA in Social Science, a California Single-Subject Teaching Credential, and an MA in history within the span of just ten years. George has worked at the university level as a teaching associate, adjunct professor, and administrator. He now works around the clock for The Editry and is a high school teacher in sunny San Diego, CA.

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