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By their very nature, bibliographies are prone to typos, misspellings, and errors in punctuation and formatting. In the academic world, few types of documents need the services of a professional copy editor more than bibliographies.

Our academic editors will take the time and care to go over every letter, space, and punctuation mark in your bibliography in painstaking detail. We’ll also ensure your bibliography is properly formatted in the correct style required by your professor, journal, or discipline, including APA, MLA, and Chicago styles.

Particularly for Master’s theses and doctoral dissertations, the smallest error can result in the rejection of your work by your advisor or the university’s publications office—the last thing you want to happen. Make sure it’s perfect with professional academic editing from The Editry. We’re fast, affordable, and reliable. Contact us today to see how our copy editors can help you with bibliographies and all your academic editing needs.

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