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In a world of increasingly intense competition for college admission where high SAT scores and GPAs do little to distinguish one student from another, a well-written college application essay can be the deciding factor as to whether you get into Berkeley…or Bakersfield.*

And what’s the difference between an essay good enough to get you into a top school and one that isn’t? It can boil down to a careless grammar mistake, a typo, a misplaced comma, or a misused word. Don’t let your college application essay get sent off without having it thoroughly reviewed and improved by The Editry.

At The Editry, we pride ourselves on our thoroughness and precision. With our affordable prices and convenient online editing services, we’ll give your college application essay the close, careful reading it deserves. We’ll find every typo, misspelling, and mistake, and suggest improvements in syntax and structure to help your essay become a clear and powerful statement about you as both a person and a student.

Admission to a great university can make a huge difference on your future. You’ve worked hard for years keeping your grades up, engaging in extracurricular activities, and getting the most out of your high school years. Don’t let all that go to waste by submitting a college application essay that isn’t the absolute best it can be.

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* No offense. We’re sure it’s a fine school.

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