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Professional Editing for Graduate School

Whether you’re in the humanities or the hard sciences, pursuing a Master’s degree or a doctorate, writing clearly and effectively is one of the greatest challenges you will face in graduate school.

Gone are the days when you can turn in shoddy work and still get by. In graduate school, quality writing matters like never before. And you’ve got to do more of it than you ever thought possible. Your writing is what will set you apart from your peers—great writing can pave the way for strong letters of recommendation, fellowships and scholarships, and, eventually, job offers.

As former (George) and current (Jason) graduate students, we know what it takes to make a poor paper good and a good paper great. Our professional editing services can help make your graduate school experience more worthwhile, more fulfilling, and more effective at preparing you for future success in academia, business, law, medicine, or any other profession.

Our professional editing services for graduate school include:

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