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Formatting and Editing for All Academic Styles

In the academic world, it is important to adhere to different writing and publication styles depending on your field of study and the preferences of your professors. There are three main styles: APA style, Chicago style, and MLA style. You may also hear about Turabian style; this is essentially Chicago style in a somewhat simplified form.

Each style has distinct rules that govern the format of citations, footnotes, references, bibliographies, title pages, page numbers, abbreviations, and a host of other details. The differences from style to style can be significant, so it is critical to ensure that your paper meets the required style guidelines.

APA Style

The American Psychological Association style (APA) is the preferred style for many social science fields such as psychology, economics, linguistics, sociology, and criminology, as well as in business and nursing. APA style usually uses in-text citations.

MLA Style

The Modern Language Association style (MLA) is primarily used in fields such as literature, language studies (English and foreign languages), and cultural studies. Like APA, citations are usually done in-text, but there are many significant differences between the two styles.

Chicago Style

Chicago style is preferred in the field of history and other select social sciences such as anthropology, and may be the preferred format for other areas of study depending on the professor’s preference. Chicago style uses either footnotes or endnotes for citations. Turabian style is derived from Chicago style, although there are minor differences.

There are several other styles in use by other disciplines, such as AMA, ACS, and so on, but APA, MLA, and Chicago are the primary academic styles. If you are using one of these other styles, just let us know.

At The Editry, we can ensure that your papers, from book reviews to research papers to theses and dissertations, are formatted correctly and follow the precise rules of the style you are using. Most professors will knock points off for failing to follow the rules of their preferred style. Journals are even pickier; submissions that fail to follow the style guidelines are usually rejected immediately.

When style counts (and in academic writing, it always counts), you can count on The Editry to get it right. Contact us today for all your academic editing needs.

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