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Training Manuals & Operating Procedures

Training manuals. Operating procedures. Safety guidelines. HR forms. BORING! We’ve all had to pore through these from time to time. They’re painful to read—and excruciating to write. Even so, they’re an important part of your business. They need to be accurate, clear, and, to make them even less painful, free from spelling or grammar errors. After all, you want your company to look as professional as possible.

On-line editing from The Editry can help. Don’t waste your time combing through these things yourself – let our copy editors do it for you. Whether you’re writing from scratch or just revising older versions, we’ll provide an outside pair of eyes to make sure everything is perfect.

The Editry Advantage

Why bother with an editing company?

  • We’re not familiar with your company at all. Wait, that’s a good thing? Indeed it is. Because it means that we’re not going to casually glance at the things you’ve already read a hundred times. No, we’re going to pay extreme amounts of attention to every detail, down to the spaces after your periods.
  • We hate typos, misspellings, and grammar errors. HATE THEM! Seriously. We will eradicate them without mercy.
  • We work quickly, accurately, and affordably.

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