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The publishing industry, like many others, is beset by budget cuts. Editors at publishing houses are overworked and underpaid, creating the potential for books sent to press rife with typos. We see them all the time. No doubt you do as well.

We are a small, online editing company. Whether you’re a writer submitting a manuscript or a publisher looking to outsource editing jobs, our copy editors have the skill and attention to detail to ensure that your writing – fiction and non-fiction alike – is free of misspellings, typos, and grammar and punctuation errors.

Particularly for writers who are seeking to self-publish or publish electronically, good, professional editing is difficult to obtain. While these types of publishing options are becoming more viable—and more accepted—every day, such works have an even greater potential to reach the public in an imperfect state.

From fiction of all varieties to serious academic works, from coffee table books to children’s books, our copy editors will whip your manuscript into shape—and we’ll do it quickly and affordably.

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