Pricing for Online Editing Services


One Simple, Affordable Hourly Rate

Unlike many other editing companies, we try to make things as simple as possible for you. So we don’t charge by the word or by document type or by page count—we just charge by the hour. Simple, right?

Our basic rate is $40 per hour. There is no set turnaround time—we’ll work to meet your needs as much as possible. For rapid turnaround (within 48 hours per 30 pages or 24 hours for 10 pages or less), our rate is $50 per hour.

This applies to all of our service levels – The Proof, The Light Edit, and The Heavy Edit. Of course, the higher levels of service take longer.

What You Can Expect

A five-page short story might take less than an hour to proofread, but could take two hours for a Heavy Edit. Academic papers, especially graduate work, will generally take longer than fiction or business writing. And of course writing that is already in good shape will take less time than writing that is rough with many errors.

As a rough estimate, figure on:

  • The Proof:             15 to 20 pages an hour
  • The Light Edit:     6 to 10 pages an hour
  • The Heavy Edit:   3 to 5 pages an hour

Our Promise: Accuracy & Efficiency

At The Editry, our pledge is that we will work as quickly as we can while still adhering to our professional standards of accuracy and quality. If that’s worth $40 an hour to you ($50 if you’re in a rush), drop us a line. We look forward to working with you.

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