Born in Beer, Bathed in “Bather”?

Search for the number of Mexican food establishments in Southern California…it’s impossible to find a number. Arguably, some are more qualified than others, and the closer one gets to the border, the better one finds the food! But, we’ll leave that debate to the connoisseurs. One thing is for certain, however: we’re spoiled out here in SoCal when it comes to Mexican food! That said, spelling still matters! And, while we’d love to give our beloved Mexican food joints a pass, we just can’t do it. You know why: we’re sticklers who care about the difference between things like, “beer battered fish” and “beer bathered fish.” We’re calling you out, Lupe’s Taco Shop! Drop us a line, let us proofread your signs and ads, and we’ll make sure this doesn’t happen, again!


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