Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (Typographical Error Edition)

We’ve already called out Bethesda for Fallout 4‘s horrid misspellings and id Software’s treacherous typo in Doom. Unfortunately, we’re going to do the same here with Capcom for its lazy typo, as well. Not much needs to be said here except that Ethan and Zoe surely need to create a serum. But, do they have what THEY need? Or what “THE” need. Come on now! Typographical errors simply should not exist in a Triple-A game…and this one is no exception. Capcom, we’re calling on you, just as we did/do on Bethesda and id Software, to contact us prior to releasing your games so they are not riddled with these kinds of typos. Triple-A games require Triple-A editing.

Capcom, Capcom, Capom... Tisk Tisk, Tisk 1.0 Capcom, Capcom, Capom... Tisk Tisk, Tisk 2.0

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