“Shcools,” from Sea to Shining Sea.

In January of 2012, writers from the NY Post wrote about a, “humiliating spelling error.” The error in question was the misspelling of “school” as “shcool” for a crosswalk. East Coast officials blamed the mishap on a, “clueless contractor.”

Four years later, we now find “school” misspelled, once again! And this one’s a whopper on the West Coast, where, as the LA Times reports, Ontario High School misspelled “school” as “shcool” on 550 graduate diploma covers. As with East Coast officials, Chaffey Joint Union High School District officials said the misspelling was a, “printing error made by a ‘grad products company.’”

Regardless, this should never happen. The word “school” is society’s canonically ubiquitous understanding of the root words “scol,” which means, “place of instruction,” in Old English, and “schola,” which means, “meeting place for teachers and students/place of instruction,” in Latin. With such rich roots and vital meaning(s), “school” should never be misspelled.

All said, while we still encourage the East Coast’s Con Ed, and New York, in general, to check with us before imprinting the streets, we also urge the yet-to-be-named, so-called “grad printing company,” Ontario High School, and the Chaffey Joint Union High School District at large to contact The Editry before the next embossing machine incorrectly misspells diplomas anew.

High 'Shcool' Diploma Typo

Source: http://www.latimes.com/local/la-me-ln-misspelled-high-school-diploma-20160521-snap-story.html

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